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TOAKS Titanium 1350ml Pot

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SKU: POT-1350
Material:   Titanium (no coating)
Weight: Pot only: 4.0oz (115g)    Pot with lid: 5.2 oz (148g)
Capacity: 45.6 oz (1350ml) (measured to the top of pot)
Dimensions: 5 3/4" (145mm) (Dia) x 3 1/8" (80mm) (H)
Origin:  Designed in USA manufactured in China

Our 1350 ml titanium pot is a perfect pick for backpackers looking to cut weight, fuel waste, and cook-time. Weighing only 5.2 oz (148g), yet more resistant to wear than its counterparts, the 1350 ml strikes the finest balance between durability and weight.

We specifically engineered the 1350 ml to cook faster, helping you save fuel and focus on the trail. Equipped with gradations in oz and ml, a lockable-handled lid, and a mesh storage sack, the 1350 makes handling simple and hassle-free. Like many of our pots, the 1350 ml's nesting capabilities can help save precious space. Our 900, 700, and 375ml pots nest comfortably in the 1350, and can serve much of your cooking needs.
TOAKS products do not have any coating.

1350ml pot can be nested with:
Fit inside: CUP-375, POT-700-D115-L, or POT-900-D130
Fit outside: POT-2000-BH