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TOAKS Titanium 1100ml Pot

TOAKS Titanium 1100ml Pot

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SKU: POT-1100
Material: Titanium (Grade 1 or 2, no coating)
Weight: Pot only: 4.1 oz   Pot with lid: 4.8 oz (136g)
Capacity: 37.2 oz (1100ml)
Dimensions: 4 1/2" (115mm) (Dia) x 4 3/8" (110mm) (H)
Profile with lid on and handles folded: 4 7/8" (125mm) (Dia) x 4 3/8" (112mm)
Origin: China
Notes: 1. TOAKS Titanium D115mm Pan (PAN-115) can fit with this pot as a lid.
2. It comes with a lid with lockable grip and a mesh storage sack.
3. CUP-375, CUP-450, POT-550, POT-550-L, POT-600 and POT-650-L can nest in this pot.
4. TOAKS wood stove (STV-11) can nest in this pot.
5. It can nest in CKW-1600.