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TOAKS Titanium Knife

  • $8.95

Titanium (no coating)
Weight: 0.5 oz (15g)
Length: 6 1/2" (165mm)
Origin:  Designed in USA manufactured in China

This knife is made of pure titanium - light, strong, non-rusting and healthy to human body, weighs only 0.5 oz (15 gram). A head polished to a mirror finish, free of abrasion. A matte-finished handle lined with indents, for a secure, relaxed grip. Even the slot on the tail serves a purpose, locking on standard carabiners.

This knife is identical to the knife of SLV-02. It is compatible with the connector in the TOAKS TITONGS Set (SLV-15).

The knife comes with an orange pouch for easy and clean storage.
TOAKS products do not have coatings.

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